Equipment Requirements/ User Agreement

Computer Specifications

To participate in Garza High School Online, students will need to:

  • Make sure that they have easy and reliable internet access.
  • Check to make sure that their computer system is adequate and that they have all the needed software and updated web browser (Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Google Chrome etc.)
  • Have a back-up computer in case of problems. Technical difficulties will not be an acceptable excuse for late or missed work.
  • Have an e-mail address to communicate with their instructor/facilitator.  They should check this email regularly.
  • Have basic computer skills, such as basic document creation and handling (how to cut/copy/paste from one document to another), attaching documents to an e-mail, etc. will be helpful.
  • For the Lifetime Fitness & Wellness Pursuits course, students will need the ability to track their steps... they can use an app on their phone or other devices.