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​How is Garza different? 

Garza is an award-winning self-paced high school for third and fourth-year high school students. Garza is an open-enrollment, open-exit high school. We offer a rigorous curriculum that helps our students build life skills, discover personal passions, and prepare for bright futures.

Garza holds a grade-A rating with the Texas Education Agency and was named as one the top five alternative schools in the country by the Stanford University Research Center.

Our students refer to Garza as a sanctuary, a family, a community, a home.

Gonzalo Garza Independence High School is an open-enrollment/open-exit academic school of choice designed to meet the needs of students who:

  • Have completed two full years of high school and who currently have at least 10 credits
  • Need to remove "traditional barriers" to high school completion
  • Are behind in high school completion credits and desire an academic setting in which multi-credit courses challenge students to experience the work of school and professionals in the real world
  • Need the expert knowledge of teachers that creatively craft their curriculum to allow the opportunity for success through one-on-one instruction
  • Want the chance to engage with connected, relevant, and demanding curriculum
  • Wish to pursue an academic setting while providing extensive carer education, college preparation, counseling, and support services

Students may enroll at Garza High School throughout the school year. Students sign up for courses based on their transcript needs. While Garza High School offers much flexibility, students must adhere to the school's "Code of Honor" (demonstrate personal honor and integrity at all times; choose peace over conflict; respect ourselves and others). Attention to attendance is mandatory.

History of Garza

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