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Garza High School College and Career Center

Mission: Support and prepare students for the challenges they will face after high school graduation. Help students develop personal, interpersonal, habits, and cognitive skills expected in college study and the workforce.

Vision: To best position, prepare, and propel Garza students to enter college and the world of work as professionals.

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  • Graduation time-line planner
  • Skill and interest exploration
  • Career exploration
  • 2 or 4 year college exploration
  • Apprenticeship exploration
  • Gap year exploration
  • College fair
  • College visits
  • SAT and TSI preparation
  • Letter of recommendation
  • School transcript request
  • Financial aid application
  • Scholarships
  • Study-work 

Community Partners

Special Events

  • Open house
  • Financial Literacy program
  • College Fair
  • College Visits
  • FAFSA and TAFSA workshops
  • ASVAB test 
  • TSI test

 Follow the steps below to request your final transcript through Naviance.

1) If you are applying to colleges using the Common App make sure to link your Common App to Naviance, you will need to do so prior to proceeding with the following steps: 

2) Log into your Naviance account.
3) Click on Colleges I’m Applying To.
4) Then, click on the Request Transcripts button, which should be located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Check “Initial”, meaning you are requesting your initial transcript be sent to your colleges
5) Scroll down a bit and click on the down arrow to select which schools you want to send the transcripts to. When you click on the down arrow, all of your schools will appear. You can request a copy of transcripts for your records. 
6) Check the box next to the schools where you want your official transcript sent.
7) Scroll to the bottom and click Submit.

How to link your Common App to Naviance.

1) Log onto your Naviance account.



4) Enter your Common App Email address and click on MATCH ACCOUNTS.

5) That’s it. You have connected your Naviance and Common App Accounts!


Annie LeMasters, LMSW | she/her/hers 

College and Career Counselor, Gonzalo Garza Independence High School 

1600 Chicon St., Austin, TX  78702


Google voice: 726-610-7255


LeMasters, Annie

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