Clubs and Student Life

Meet Our Students

Garza students come from all backgrounds and all walks of life. What our students share is their uniqueness. At more traditional schools, many of our students were held back, stifled, not properly accommodated, or reprimanded for their differences. Here, they are trusted, respected, and understood.

​Garza students support one another. They are extremely bright and highly motivated. They connect authentically with our faculty and staff. They work toward personalized plans for life after high school and are provided with everything they need to put these plans into action.

Garza Clubs

Student Awareness Foundation for Equity (SAFE)

The Garza branch of the Austin ISD Student Equity Council meets every Wednesday in Room 206. Our campus Equity group is called SAFE: Student Awareness Foundation for Empathy, and every student on campus is always welcome. Elaine McGinty

American Sign Language (ASL)

Thursdays at Lunch - ASL Club
Learn some basic sign language skills in a safe and happy environment.
No experience necessary!.. Just a willingness to make mistakes and have fun while doing it.
The ASL Club meets in Ms. Joy’s room, Thursday’s at lunch!

Green Teens

Ms. Malangalila and Ms. Gaines host Green Teens, our campus environmental club. We work on garden projects, campus beautification, and educating students about environmental stewardship. We meet Mondays at lunch.                    


Chess Club

Meets M,T,W, & F in Room 203.
We play chess, have fun, and go to tournaments.
Most of our players start as beginners

Fun Fridays

Woohoo! It´s Friday! Bake cupakes, play a game, spin a hula hoop, make some art...anything goes on Fun Fridays in Ms. Joy´s portable. Come on over!