​Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits must a student have to enroll in Gonzalo Garza Independence High School? 
Students must have 10 credits to enroll. The school follows the state requirements for graduation credits and offers students the option of graduating in 3 years.

What is the attendance requirement at Gonzalo Garza Independence High School? 
Gonzalo Garza Independence High School enforces the "ninety percent rule" by requiring 90 percent or better attendance to award a course credit. If a student has less than 90 percent attendance, the credit will be put on hold while a student performs a certain amount of hours in community service.

Can students attend Gonzalo Garza Independence High School to earn credits and return to their home school to graduate? 
Dual high school enrollment is not permitted. Students accepted at Gonzalo Garza Independence High School have their own graduation. 

Can students attend Garza and ACC concurrently?
Yes. Dual enrollment at ACC is permitted and encouraged for juniors and seniors. Taking classes at ACC while enrolled at Garza is economical and exposes the student to college-level coursework.

What percentage of students applies and/or attends post-secondary education?

  • 80% apply for 2-year community colleges or an associate degree
  • 16% attend 4-year universities
  • Projected 2006 32% attendance 4 year universities

Who can I contact to get more information?
Go check out our Registrar's Page for more information as well as getting in touch with the right people.